Electronics and Physics Patents

Electronics and Physics Patents

Turning a complex concept of physics or a new electronics breakthrough into a commercially viable asset can be a great challenge.

In Tribalyte Ideas we have the required experience and expertise to understand the inventions of universities and research institutions, so we can turn them into patents and industrial products. Electronic components, semiconductors, cooling systems, electromagnetic measuring devices, nuclear radiation detectors or thermoelectric systems are just some of the projects in which we have been involved.

We also work closely with small and medium technology start-up companies as well as with large multinational companies that invest heavily in R&D+i. For all of them, it is essential to develop a patent strategy that can bring business value to their projects. It is essential to protect their inventions through intellectual property before publishing the results obtained after years of research, and therefore it is needed to act quickly to identify and protect the commercial aspects of their work.

Our experienced team has been part of the university academic world and has also been involved in many scientific research projects, as well as they have experience in many fields of engineering and project management. Our wide range of technical and scientific knowledge is particularly useful, especially when strong communication between different technologies (eg electronics and software, or chemistry and physics) is needed.

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