Engineering, Mechanical and Construction Patents

Engineering, Mechanical and Construction Patents

Nowadays, civil engineering, construction and city sciences have to be highly innovative to satisfy the global market. As a result, in these areas, innovations often arise through the need of improvement of the products or processes in order to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and improve safety.

Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are also playing a key role in innovation, specially in areas where the use of technologies that respect the environment becomes an increasingly important role in attracting new projects factor.

Infrastructure and construction projects are generally expensive, and must be designed to suit a specific purpose. It is often considered that the exceptional nature of these projects means that the protection of them through intellectual property rights is not necessary or possible. However, there are always elements in each execution that may be valuable protected with patents.

The protection of your new construction methods or technologies will allow you to advance your work with the guarantee that your solution will be cheaper, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly than a competitor’s. Through industrial property protection you will also have a legal “monopoly” exclusively on it, which may outweigh the effort expended for its development.

Tribalyte ideas can help you to protect and develop your construction technologies, civil engineering, industrial engineering and automotive projects, both in the Spanish market and abroad.

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