Environment and Energy Patents

Environment and Energy Patents

As the transition from traditional energy sources based on fossil fuels to  sustainable energy sources such as wind or solar energy occurs , innovation has never been more important in this field.

Our customers find more efficient technologies and methods to obtain energy. They also develope innovative ways to extract the maximum benefit from their technology generation, distribution and use, such as through the use of optimized solar collectors, photovoltaic panels of improved performance, new catalysts for fuel cell batteries or improved systems for hydrocarbon transport.

Moreover, access to new reserves of fossil fuels are extremely expensive. Furthermore it is not exempt from environmental risks. Thus, the technology that can imply a better use of available resources to support more efficient operations for sure will make a significant difference to determine the viability of the energy resources of the future.

Our energy and environment specialist team, has wide experience in the renewable energy area, both in Spain and abroad. Our engineers and technicians can quickly understand the potential of the customer’s inventions, products and processes in this area and ensure the proper use of industrial property on their behalf. We work for some of the most important energy companies of Spain as well as for the main providers of renewable energy technologies.

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