Food Sciences and Biotechnology Patents

Food Sciences and Biotechnology Patents

A current trend among supermarkets and retailers is to sell products developed by companies at cheaper prices under “private brand” packages. Having patents on your inventions in this field will get you in a better position against the competitors.

It has become even more critical for businesses of food and beverage to use the patent system to effectively protect their products. Through a patent it can be protected new processes of food and beverage production, improved food preservation methods, healthy food, improved flavors, and so on. The packages and packaging methods of these kind of products are also patentable.

Another factor of particular importance in the food industry is that, the time from the conception of the invention to the market launch, is much shorter than in other kind of industries, where the process of regulatory approval before a product can be legally marketed can last for years. This means that the patent infringement risks are significantly higher for inventions of food and beverages.

Tribalyte Ideas team has patent agents and technicians in chemistry and biotechnology, whose will provide the best advice to patent such inventions.

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