Software Patents

Software Patents

A “implemented by computer invention” is an invention which involves the use of a computer, a computer network or other programmable apparatus (such as a mobile device or a television), and where one or more characteristics of the invention are performed whole or in part by a computer program.

A computer program is not generally a patentable invention considered alone under the Spanish law of patents or under the European Patent Convention, as the code of computer programs as such are protected by copyright (intellectual property) and not by patents (industrial property). However, it is possible to obtain a patent for a computer-implemented invention if it solves a technical problem in a novel and unobvious way. It is also possible to protect the procedures and algorithms that lead to the solution of this technical problem.

The computer-implemented inventions are used in all the fields of technology. And, in many cases, the innovative part of a new product or process can be underlayed in the method of a computer program and / or computational implementation. Another factor to consider in determining the patentability of such inventions is that a certain routine or algorithm, depending on the circumstances (eg power consumption, processing speed), can be implemented as a computer program in its associated hardware, in a new way and resulting inventive to those skilled in the art.

Being aware of the important amount of resources for research and development used for creating and marketing software based products, at Tribalyte Ideas our specialists take care on the protection of these kind of inventions, and our technicians have extensive experience not only in drafting patent computer-implemented, but also in the design of software architecture and software development. Thus, we can understand more easily the projects of our customers and protect them with the best guarantees.

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