Telecommunications and Biomedical Engineering Patents

Telecommunications and Biomedical Engineering Patents

To secure a position in the telecommunications or biomedical technologies field is usually a challenge. Technological advances in these areas occur so fast and the technology developed may become obsolete easily. Getting patents on your inventions may help you to maintain a significant competitive advantage.

The dependence between many interrelated technical components, great precision features, and the use of specialized hardware and software, makes the patent protection of these kind of inventions an exciting process where it is important to understand customer needs.

It is also important to notice that it often takes a long time between the filing of a patent application and obtaining industrial or health regulatory approval to sell a product. During this period of time, the final product may have changed substantially from the originally planned form, at the time of filing its patent application. Thus, it is necessary to raise broad claims for this kind of projects, with which the patentee can maximize the coverage of future variations of the product to hit the market.

In Tribalyte Ideas have wide experience in drafting and prosecuting of patent applications related to telecommunications, optics, photonics and medical applications, and our customers include both companies and research institutions and health specialist to protect, for example, communications networks, bionic devices, surgical equipment, diagnostic and telemedicine.

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